5 Simpsons Predictions That Became Real Technology

“The Simpsons” is a popular television show that has been on air for more than 30 years. In its 30 years of existence the show has presented various storylines that have turned into the most popular among fans, with many which involved technological aspects. Although many of these technology-related episodes were designed to be satirical or parody but some of the ideas that were presented on the show have evolved into real. Here, we’ll look at the five Simpsons predictions that have become real technology.

Smart Watches

In the episode from season 6 “Lisa’s Wedding,” which was aired on the air in 1995. We can see Lisa’s fiancé wearing a smartwatch that could call, access emails as well as play music. In the early days, this was an unrealized dream However, fast-forward to modern day and we’re now able to find an array of models and brands in the market that accomplish all those functions and more. For instance Apple Watch, the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch as well as the Fitbit Versa are all popular smartwatches offering features like those featured on “Lisa’s Wedding.”

Video Calls

In the second season episode “Lisa’s Substitute,” which was broadcast in 1991, the class of Lisa communicates with her substitute teacher via video calls. In the early days this was not yet in use however, with the introduction of webcam technology as well as internet tools for communication such as Skype and Zoom video calls have become a common practice within the twenty-first century. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic video calls have evolved into an essential device for remote working as well as social distancing.


In the episode of season six “Bart’s Girlfriend,” which airs in 1994, Bart composes a love note to his girlfriend, however the message is unclear and unintelligible because of the early version of the autocorrect software. Nowadays, we can take autocorrect for granted as it’s a feature of devices and smartphones, helping us to type more quickly and accurately.

Smart Homes

In the episode of season 11 “Beyond Blunderdome,” which was aired in 1999 the Simpsons visit a studio and are confronted by the futuristic home which can be controlled with voice commands. Although this might have appeared like science fiction in the past however, these days intelligent homes have become increasingly popular. The devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home along with Apple HomePod allow us to manage various elements of the home, like the temperature and lighting as well as security with voice commands.

Face Recognition

In the episode of season six “And Maggie Makes Three,” that aired in the year 1995. Homer is in a company security office , and is subsequently captured by a facial recognition system that mistakenly believes he is an wanted criminal. While the technology of face recognition was in its early stages in the 1990s however, it has progressed quickly and is currently utilized for many different applications. For instance, it can be employed to unlock smartphones as well as detect people in investigations and also to monitor public areas to ensure security.


In the end, “The Simpsons” has been a television show that has been entertaining viewers for more than three decades with its humorous take of modern-day life. But, it also hinted at what the technology of tomorrow will be in its narratives. A smartwatch with video call, autocorrect, smart homes and face recognition are only several examples of technological advances that are now a reality even though they were previously thought of as science fiction. It’s fascinating to observe how a show could have an impact on pop media, and it’s fascinating to consider what other predictions could become reality in the near future.

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