What is AI Conversation Technology (AiCT)? This is everything you need to learn!

AI conversation technology is an emerging field that many companies are investing in and exploring. Microsoft has just introduced an AI-powered conversational technology called ‘Limited’ which promises to change the way we communicate and collaborate with machines. We will be exploring the intricacies behind AI conversation technology and the potential impact this technology could have on different industries.

What is AI Conversation Technology (AIMCT)?

AI conversation technology, which is an AI form, allows machines to communicate in natural language with humans. It allows people to interact with technology more intuitively and in a more human-like way. These systems can use Natural Language Processing to interpret and respond to human speech and/or text.

How does AI Conversation Technology work?

NLP algorithms are combined with Machine Learning (ML), models to analyze and interpret natural languages. This is AI conversation technology. This allows the system understand and respond to human inputs better by using large amounts of human-language data.

AI Conversation Technology Applications

AI conversation technology has many uses. This technology is used in virtual assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. Virtual assistants are designed for humans to speak and understand commands. It makes it easy to interact with technology.

Chatbots is another area that uses AI conversation technology. Chatbots, which are computer-controlled systems that simulate human conversation, are another application of AI conversation technology. These systems are being increasingly used by businesses to respond to customer queries and offer support services.

AI conversation technology is also a promising tool in healthcare. It could be used to help doctors and nurses diagnose and treat patients, and provide support services for mental health.

Future Perspectives for AI Conversation Technology

AI conversation technology has great potential. These systems will continue to develop NLP algorithms as well as ML models and they are expected to be more advanced and accurate in their ability interpret human language. This could make chatbots, virtual assistants, and other AI-powered communication tools more human-like in interactions with humans.


AI conversation technology is an emerging field that can transform how we interact technology. We have seen that this technology can be applied in many industries including healthcare, chatbots, virtual assistants and even healthcare. The technology is set to continue to improve and become more human-like in its interactions.

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