Breaking the Stigma: How the Roxbury Murder-Suicide Shines a Light on the Importance of Mental Health Awareness

We will be discussing all details about the Roxbury Murder Suicide, and the reason behind it.

Can you even imagine a husband or father killing his wife and son? It is so horrifying to even consider such an incident. The murder and suicide of a father-and-son couple resulted in the deaths of their son and spouse. The shocking news was received by shocked people all over the globe, including in the United States. People want to know the reason he killed his family members and what happened next.

You can read the Roxbury Murder Suicide story to learn the full story. This article explains all details about the incident.

What is Roxbury’s Murder Suicide?

Three members of a Roxbury family were found dead on Wednesday. Robert J. Carroll of Morris County Prosecutor said that a man shot his wife Kellie, a 58-year-old, and his 15-year old son Anthony on Tuesday morning around 10 a.m.

Police said that Peter Ventricelli killed himself after killing his wife, and son. Their bodies were found in their Succasunna home. The police say that he Murde first his son and wife, then he killed himself.

Carroll stated that Carroll considers this to be heartbreaking domestic violence. They also stated that the public is not at risk.

Additional details on the Roxbury Murder case

Police stated that the murder took place between 3 and 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. Police said further that they are still investigating the matter and the motive for the murder is not known. They added that Larry Worobec, Ventricelli’s neighbor, is also being investigated.

Larry also confirmed that they lived in the home for twenty years. Roxbury Police Department is now investigating the entire case.

The reaction to Roxbury family Demises

Roxbury Public Schools shared a sad post on Facebook, where they stated that they were devastated at the loss of their school’s child.

Details about Ventricelli’s funeral and personal life are still unknown. We will notify you once we have more information.

Final Verdict

Peter Ventricelli (57) killed his wife and then his son (12 years). He was shot to death by his wife, and then his son. Investigators are still investigating the circumstances of the murder and suicide.

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