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Cabpability Scam or legit – Finding a job in today’s economy can seem daunting. Scammers are also using the internet and remote work to exploit job seekers. Cabpability is one such company that has been under scrutiny. Cabpability claims it is a top job portal that connects job-seekers with top companies. But the question is: Is Cabpability a fraud or legitimate job opportunity?

How to spot a fake job offer

  1. Vague Job Descriptions are a Red Flag. If the job description is too vague or doesn’t give specific details about the job, responsibilities and requirements, it is a red flag. Clear and concise job descriptions are essential for legitimate job offers.
  2. Immediate Hiring: A company that offers you a job immediately without any interview or assessment is a red flag. Companies that are legitimate follow a strict recruitment process, which includes assessments and interviews.
  3. For any reason, ask for an upfront payment. Companies that are legitimate won’t ask for payment from job applicants.
  4. Unprofessional Email Addresses: A red flag is an email address that looks unprofessional. Legitimate businesses use professional email addresses that can be associated with their domain.

Here are some tips to verify a job offer

  1. Do your research on the company. Check their website, social media profiles and reviews online. It’s a red flag if the company doesn’t have a website and/or a social media presence.
  2. Verify the Job offer: Call the HR department of the company to confirm the job description, responsibilities and requirements.
  3. Examine the Salary: Compare the offered salary with industry norms. It’s best to avoid salaries that seem too good to be true.

Cabpability scam or legit? 

Cabpability’s claims: Cabpability claims it is a top job portal that connects job-seekers with top companies. Their website states that they have an experienced team of recruiters who review job postings and ensure job seekers have access to the best opportunities.

User reviews: We found a lot of negative feedback from job seekers who claimed that they were scammed by Cabpability. Some common complaints are:

  1. Cabpability requires upfront payment to cover various services such as job listing, resume writing and career coaching. Job seekers claim they did not receive any job opportunities or services once they paid the upfront payment.
  2. False promises: Cabpability promises job-seekers access to top companies as well as high-paying positions. Cabpability claims that job seekers didn’t get any interviews or job opportunities after signing up.
  3. Unresponsive support: Job seekers complain that Cabpability’s customer service team is not responsive and won’t answer their questions or provide clarification.


It is important to be careful when searching online for jobs. Scammers are able to take advantage of job-seekers by promising fake opportunities and charging upfront fees.

Cabpability’s claims as well as user reviews raise red flags. This suggests that Cabpability may not be a legitimate job site. It is important to thoroughly research job opportunities before signing up for any job portal or making payments.

You can avoid potential scams by following these tips and red flags to help you find legitimate employment opportunities that match your skills and experience. When job hunting online, be careful and remain safe.

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