Calgary Trampede Video Reddit, Instagram and Telegram have all the details!

Are you familiar with the Calgary Trampede video clip? A video about the Calgary Stampede was recently posted on the internet. The Canada as well as the United States are interested in the video and want to know more. This article will cover all important details about the Calgary TrampedeVideo. We recommend that all readers continue reading this post.

Why are the videos of the Calgary Trampede so popular?

Recently, a viral video from 2015 went viral on social networks. The video shows Alexis Frulling (a woman) engaging in intimate relationships with two men. Many readers may wonder why we are explaining a situation that took place more than seven decades ago. The Viral on Reddit. The video is currently being searched by many people. People on the internet are also very curious about it. It is unknown what the reason for the curiosity is, but it could simply be because the video was recently discovered on the internet. Because the Calgary Trampede-Shirt video was removed soon after its release, we don’t have any further information. The viral video will be discussed in this article.

What was the viral video about?

The video was shot at Calgary Stampede in Canada. Calgary Stampede takes place each year in July. However, the Calgary Stampede 2015 event was a shock to everyone on Telegram. The video was shot by Alexis Frulling. Reports say that Alexis Frulling engaged in sexual activities with two men during the Calgary Stampede. The incident was captured by someone and posted on social media. Some sources claim that the person recording the incident was from a balcony with a view. Alexis shared a video titled Trampede in which she admitted that she wasn’t proud of the actions she took after the video went viral on social networks like and Instagram. This video went viral across all media and was talked about everywhere.


This concludes our post. We have all the details regarding the Trampede trending video. The incident discussed in this article dates back over seven years. 

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