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Do you have the most recent Maryland news? Are you interested in the latest news about the arrest of Maryland’s Mayor? You can read the entire article to get a complete analysis of the College Park mayor arrested. Everyone in the United Statesand neighboring countries are shocked to find out the reason for his arrest. Let’s take a look at the article.

Details about the Arrest

Recently, the Mayor for College Park, Maryland, USA, was arrested for distribution and possession of immoral films, and photos of children. He also submitted his resignation Wednesday night, shortly after midnight business hours. Prince George’s County Police arrested him on Thursday morning. Patrick Wojahn (47) has served the council since 2007, and was elected Mayor in College Park MD in 2015.

Information about the Complaint Filled

Police received a report from the National Center for Missing on February 17, 2023. They Exploited Children received a complaint from the National Center for Missing that a suspicious account was being used for uploading content about missing children to social media. Police conducted a thorough investigation and discovered that Patrick Wojahn was the former Mayor of College Park.

Following a search warrant, police searched Patrick’s house for evidence. They found the material related to the illegal activities. He resigned his position on Wednesday. College Park Mayor Arrested.

Charges on Ex-Mayor of College Park

Wojahn has been accused of possessing and disseminating explicit videos and pictures of children. Wojahn was charged with 16 counts of distribution of such content and 40 charges of possessing explicit and exploitative material. The investigation continues and the accused remains in custody.

Another picture or screenshot showing Patrick Wojahn’s resignation has been released to the council. The MayorMayor position is now vacant and the council is prepared to hold a special vote within 65 days for the Mayor College Park MD. Tem Denise Mitchell will assume the office as presiding officers.


The Mayor of College Park was taken into custody. He is accused of possessing and distributing sexually explicit material. Patrick Wojahn was detained on Thursday. Hours before his arrest, he had submitted his resignation to the office. Patrick was home when police found the evidence.

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