Why You Should Delete Your Banned Tinder Account and How to Do It Right?

Why You Should Delete Your Banned Tinder is one the most used dating apps worldwide. It has changed the way people find love and date. Tinder, just like every other online dating platform, has its own rules and regulations. Your account could be banned if you break these rules. Banning your Tinder account can cause frustration and make it difficult to find a way to permanently delete it. We will show you how to permanently delete your Tinder account.

Here are some reasons why your Tinder account might be closed:

  1. Tinder is an app that allows people to connect with one another and find relationships. Your account may be banned if you send unsolicited sexual messages, harass other users, or post explicit content.
  2. Fake profiles: Tinder strictly prohibits the creation of fake profiles. Your account could be banned if you are caught with a fake profile.
  3. Violation of community guidelines: Tinder users are required to follow a set community guidelines. Your account could be banned if you break these guidelines. These guidelines prohibit hate speech, discrimination and violence, as well as engaging in illegal activities.

How do I check if my Tinder account has been banned?

Tinder will send you a message if your account is suspended. Your account will be disabled and you might notice that your messages and matches have vanished.

How do I permanently delete a blocked Tinder account?

A ban on Tinder is different than a regular account. These steps will allow you to permanently delete your banned Tinder profile.

  1. Tinder support should be contacted: Tinder support should be contacted to explain why your account has been banned. This can be done by visiting the Tinder support page, and filling in the contact form.
  2. Wait for a reply: After you contact Tinder support, it is necessary to wait for a reply. Tinder support might ask for additional information about your account and the reason behind your ban.
  3. Follow these instructions: After Tinder support has replied, they will give you instructions on how to permanently delete your banned account. These instructions will ensure that your account is permanently deleted.


Although it can be frustrating to get banned from Tinder, it is important to understand why you were banned and to contact Tinder support to receive guidance. To permanently delete your banned account, please follow the Tinder support instructions. To avoid being banned, you must not create a fake profile or engage in inappropriate behavior on Tinder.


Can I open a new Tinder profile if my old account has been banned?

You cannot create a new Tinder profile with the same Facebook number or phone number as the one that was banned.

What is the response time for Tinder Support?

Tinder support can take up to several hours to respond. Wait for Tinder support to respond before you attempt to delete your account.

Is it possible to delete my banned Tinder account and also my messages and matches?

Yes, you can permanently delete your banned Tinder account.

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