From Co-Stars to Power Couple: Inside the Love Story of Issa and James Reid

This article gives information about Issa (photo) and James Reid relationship status.

Are you curious to learn if James Reid is dating IssaPressman? A recent photo of James Reid with Issa Pressman became viral online. You can find the truth behind the photo from Philippines.

The article will tell you everything you need to know about the Issa relationship with James Reid and the truth behind the viral image.

Why is Issa’s picture with James so popular on the internet?

Because they are holding hands, Issa and James Reid have been trending online lately. Users believed that they were together because they were photographed together at Harry Style’s concert.

James Reid and Nadine Lungre

Everyone is searching for Nadine Lustre’s comments after the Issa and James Reid trending photos. Nadie Lustre was James Reid’s ex-girlfriend. She is believed to be the third in the Issa Pressman relationship.

Issa responded in 2020 to statements regarding the breaking up of Lustre or James Reid. Yassi pressman defended her sister, saying that Issa is not connected to the Lustre/James break up.

James Reid dating?

Lustre and James Reid are no more. Lustre confirmed the news via social media. However, it is believed that James Reid is now the new Issa Pressman Girlfriend. But the official news is still to come.

It is unclear to everyone what the situation means as no one can tell if they are really dating. It is an attempt to get the attention of their fans. James and Issa can be seen together at a concert. After posting the picture to Instagram, they then upload another picture holding hands.

James Reid, who is he?

James Reid, an actor, songwriter and record company executive, is well-known as a Filipino-Australian singer, actor, and songwriter. After she announced her relationship with Nadine Lustre on-screen, Reid gets the limelight. They split up and now James and Issa are apart.

Sister Issa Yassi Mediaman defended her sister to the netizens, stating that Issa wasn’t responsible for Nadine’s and James’s separation.

Did James cheat Nadine on Nadine’s behalf?

There is no official evidence that James and Nadine cheated. James and Nadine divorced years ago. However, you can see that Jamie and Issa seem to be very close by their Instagram posts.

The netizens, however, make different comments about the trio by comparing their situation with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomes. But, Issa & James Reid things are not confirmed by them.

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