From Reality TV to Real-Life Romance: Evelyn Lozada’s Journey to Engagement

This is Lozada Evelyn Engaged to inform visitors about a star’s relationship and the surprising marriage proposal.

Is Lozada in a relationship? Is Lozada engaged with her Queens Cout finalist Lozada Evelyn fans are excited to hear that their favorite celebrity is engaged. After meeting her fiancé on the latest Peacock dating show, the television personality announced her engagement in 2022.

This post will cover the Lozada-Lewis relationship and the facts about Lozada Evelyn Engaged.

Lozada and a partner?

Lavon Lewis has given the engagement ring to Lavon Lewis, 47 year old former Basketball Wives actress. Lozada was presented to Lewis by Fiance at a Los Angeles celebration.

What did Lewis reveal about her?

Evelyn Lozada, co-founder of the marketing firm, stated that she is hard to get started and advised her to get ready as they were leaving. Blindfolded, she was still blindfolded up to the entrance. She entered with close family and friends, roses, large “marry-me” notes, and other items.

Also included in the request was a customized cake decorated with butterflies that mentioned “Yes” and “Happy birthday”.

When did Lozada get to know her Boyfriend.

Evelyn and her businessman friend got to know each other at the Peacock show. Their first voyage on the network’s Queen’s Court may be followed by viewers. It debuted on March 16, 2023.

Lewis and Lozada had been in touch with each other before, but Lozada was not ready to propose. Lozada’s manager and only two of Lewis’ acquaintances knew about his plans to propose.

Did Lozada learn about the proposal

Lozada admitted that she did not know that Lewis would propose. He was open and honest. Lozada admitted that she was somewhat upset by Lewis’s cunning behavior. Because she was an Alpha woman, she wondered what she had to do.

She wondered, besides, why she was required. It was hard for her to give Lewis Lozada Evelyn Engaged.

Was Lozada correct in her assessment of the engagement ring’s quality?

Lozada appreciated Lewis’s choice to wear a Twila True ring, despite not wanting to be informed. Evelyn Lozada who worked with Twila True on her BX Glow jewelry line, stated that her engagement band was the perfect size and shape.

She also said Lewis did a fantastic job, even though she didn’t possess that stone. She wasn’t surprised, however. Lavon has an innovative mind and can remember everything.


Lozada Evelyn got engaged to Lewis and was in the spotlight. It was shocking to her that Lewis proposed to her and she didn’t know it. She was excited about the engagement, but she was also a little annoyed. View Lozada Evelyn’s additional facts

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