Heelmike Kick Clip: The Viral Video Everyone’s Talking About!

Heelmike Kick Clip If you’re a skateboard enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of the “Heelmike Kick Clip.” This video has been circulating the internet and social media channels, sparking curiosity among skaters worldwide. But what exactly is the Heelmike Kick Clip, and why is it creating such a buzz in the skateboarding community?

In this article, we’ll dive into the details of the Heelmike Kick Clip, exploring its origin, significance, and impact on the skateboarding industry. We’ll also analyze the factors that make this video so popular and discuss how it can help you improve your own skateboarding skills.

What is the Heelmike Kick Clip?

The Heelmike Kick Clip is a viral video featuring skateboarder Heelmike executing a complex and jaw-dropping trick. In the clip, Heelmike jumps over a rail and performs a kickflip while simultaneously kicking off his shoe mid-air. He then catches the shoe with his other foot and lands the trick flawlessly, all while riding his skateboard.

The video was first posted on social media in 2020 and quickly gained traction, with thousands of likes, shares, and comments pouring in. The Heelmike Kick Clip has since become a sensation, inspiring skaters worldwide to attempt the trick and push the limits of their own skills.

The Origin of the Heelmike Kick Clip

The Heelmike Kick Clip was filmed and edited by skateboard videographer Chris Ray, who captured the trick during a filming session with Heelmike in 2020. Ray shared the clip on his Instagram page, where it quickly went viral.

Heelmike, whose real name is Mike Williams, is a professional skateboarder known for his unique style and technical prowess. He is a member of the DGK Skateboards team and has been featured in numerous skateboarding videos and magazines.

Why is the Heelmike Kick Clip so popular?

The Heelmike Kick Clip has captivated the skateboarding community for several reasons. Firstly, the trick itself is incredibly difficult to execute, requiring a high degree of skill, precision, and timing. It showcases Heelmike’s talent and creativity as a skateboarder, and the level of difficulty has inspired other skaters to push themselves to new heights.

Another factor that makes the Heelmike Kick Clip so popular is its viral nature. Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have played a significant role in promoting the clip and exposing it to a wider audience. As a result, the video has become a cultural phenomenon, with skaters and non-skaters alike sharing and discussing the clip online.

How can the Heelmike Kick Clip help improve your skateboarding skills?

While the Heelmike Kick Clip may seem like an unattainable feat for most skaters, it can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. By watching and studying the clip, you can learn valuable lessons about the importance of practice, dedication, and experimentation.

Moreover, attempting to replicate the trick can help you develop your own skateboarding skills, even if you’re not able to land the Heelmike Kick Clip itself. By pushing yourself to try new tricks and techniques, you can improve your balance, coordination, and overall confidence on the board.


The Heelmike Kick Clip is more than just a viral video; it’s a testament to the creativity, skill, and passion that drives the skateboarding community. By inspiring skaters to push themselves and try new things, the Heelmike Kick Clip has become a cultural phenomenon and an inspiration to skateboarders worldwide.

Whether you’re a seasoned skater or just starting, the Heelmike Kick Clip can teach you valuable lessons about perseverance, dedication, and the thrill of landing a new trick.

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