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Jeremy Fernandez Partners, or Wife Danielle Bowler (Daughter Jeremy Fernandez) are well-known Australian journalists, news presenters, and have been with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, since 2005. He has been a reporter on many different stories, and has won several awards. While he is well-known and respected on Australian television, many people are interested in his personal life, including his daughter and wife.

This article will discuss everything we know about Jeremy Fernandez’s daughter, husband, wife, and their relationship with Danielle Bowler. We also answer frequently-asked questions and present a table summarizing important information.

Table : Jeremy Fernandez

NameJeremy Fernandez
Your birthdateAugust 15, 1977
BirthplaceColombo (Sri Lanka)
EducationUniversity of Technology Sydney
CareerAustralian journalist and news broadcaster
EmployerAustralian Broadcasting Corporation
PartnerDanielle Bowler
For the DaughterNo, but names and any other personal information are kept secret.
MarriageThere are contradictory news reports. Some report that 2017 was the year for marriage. Other reports disagree.

Jeremy Fernandez’s Daughter, Partner, Wife and Relationship With Danielle Bowler

Jeremy Fernandez, an Australian journalist, is a news presenter and has been with Australian Broadcasting Corporation from 2005. Fernandez was a Colombo (Sri Lankan) native on August 15, 1977. At the age of 2, his family immigrated from Sri Lanka to Australia. Fernandez received a Bachelor of Communications from the University of Technology Sydney.

Fernandez has been a prominent face on Australian television for many decades. But there are still questions about his personal life and especially his marriage and child. This article will provide all the information we have so far on Jeremy Fernandez and Danielle Bowler’s relationship, including his daughter, wife, and partner.

Jeremy Fernandez Daughter

Jeremy Fernandez loves his daughter and is a loving father. His name and details about his daughter are kept private. Her personal information is very limited. Fernandez is very protective about his daughter’s privacy. In interviews, Fernandez stated that he would prefer to keep his family’s privacy as much as possible.

Jeremy Fernandez Partner

Danielle Bowler is Jeremy Fernandez’s partner. Bowler works in the field of health care. Fernandez and Bowler have been married for a while, but have not made any public statements about their relationship. They do however share photos frequently on social media.

Jeremy Fernandez Wife

It isn’t clear if Jeremy Fernandez married. Fresherslive claims Fernandez has not been married and that Danielle Bowler is his wife. Other sources suggest that Fernandez married Bowler in private in 2017.

Jeremy Fernandez Partner Danielle Bowler

Danielle Bowler, Jeremy Fernandez’s wife, is not well-known. ZGR claims Bowler works in health and has been working with Fernandez since a long time. They have been photographed together at various events and shared photos via social media.

Jeremy Fernandez is a respected newscaster and journalist from Australia. Although he is well-known as a television personality, he prefers to keep all details of his private life, including his family, private. Fernandez has been with Danielle for some time and is very protective of his daughter.

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