The Power of Reddit: Luz Gonzalez’s Video Takes the Internet by Storm

This research on Luz & Gonzalez Video Reddit will keep you updated about the accident of Luz Gonzales that took place in 2018.

Do you recall the terrible accident that Luz Gonzalez was involved in? How and when was this accident possible? Many people are looking for photos and videos about the young girl who died in an accident. Luz Gonzalez Video Reddit contains heartbreaking footage about a girl who was struck by a car and later died. Keep in touch for all details regarding this incident in the United States.

The Latest Video of Luz Gonzalez!

Online sources claim that an SUV car hit a 4-year-old girl. The driver didn’t know about the girl. The young girl was killed and her mother left with injuries. Reddit is trending this video and people are searching for more information on the incident.

Luz Gonzalez Accident Video: Learn All Updates!

Jeanette Maria, who was driving an SUV in Bushwick Laundromat’s parking lot, had apparently killed a young girl with her mother on the Brooklyn sidewalk. She was charged in the hit-and run case. The public demanded her arrest two years later. People claimed that she should be charged because the video shows how severely she crushed the child. The video of the accident is trending on many platforms such as Instagram, and others. People are searching for video and information about the entire accident.

The Family’s Condition

After losing their childhood happiness, the young girl’s family was distraught and devastated. Reyna, who is the mother to the toddler, was seen tied Luz’s shoes by the 38-yearold driver. You can find all the facts on this viral video in Tweet.

Did people speak up?

Online sources indicate that many people voiced their support for justice for this girl. This accident happened in 2018. The incident was resolved in 2020 after two years of inaction by the court. Shortly after, she was charged with hit and ran. The video was sufficient to prove her guilt. This video is available on Youtube, and many other channels.


We have listed many valuable facts about the accident at Luz Sanchez. This accident was reported by many news outlets and was one the most tragic in Brooklyn.

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