Mercari Review 2023 – Sellers Is it worth it?

Mercari is a popular online marketplace where individuals can sell or buy products from their home. It is a popular online marketplace that has millions of users, and offers a large selection of products. This makes it a top-rated destination for online shopping. How about selling on Mercari. Are sellers really worth listing their products on Mercari? We’ll be taking a detailed look at the seller experience and fees in this Mercari Review [2023]. This will help you determine if Mercari is the right platform for you.

Seller Experience

Mercari aims for a seamless seller experience. The platform allows sellers the opportunity to quickly list items, and allow them to upload multiple photos and detailed descriptions. Mercari gives sellers a pre-paid shipping address and tracks shipment so they can rest assured that their item will reach its destination.

The one downside to the Mercari seller experience, is the inability to communicate between buyers and sellers. Mercari encourages buyers rate their purchases but doesn’t provide a way for them to communicate with each other. This makes it more difficult for sellers to address concerns and questions from buyers, which could lead to issues later.


Mercari charges a 10% sales commission, which is the same as other online marketplaces like Poshmark or eBay. The fee is deducted automatically from the sale price so sellers don’t have to worry about it being added separately. Mercari allows sellers to list as many products as they wish without having to pay any upfront fees.

A potential problem with the Mercari fee structure includes a lack of flexibility regarding shipping costs. Mercari requires sellers that they use their pre-paid shipping label, which is based on item size and weight. Sellers who have heavier or more expensive items will incur higher shipping charges, which could result in lower profits.


Mercari offers protection for both sellers and buyers through a variety of policies. Their buyer protection policy is one of the most important. It guarantees that buyers will get their items exactly as they were described, or they will be fully refunded. Sellers can feel more secure knowing their buyers are protected.

However, Mercari’s policies aren’t perfect. The lack of control over returns is a problem for sellers. Mercari allows buyers who have received the item to return it for any reason within three business days. This applies even if the item is in good condition and accurately described. This can be frustrating for sellers especially if they are dealing with items that are hard to sell or have limited markets.


Is Mercari really worth it for sellers or buyers? It all depends upon your needs and preferences. Mercari is a straightforward and easy selling experience with affordable fees and a wide selection of products. Their lack of communication tools as well as rigid shipping restrictions are a problem.

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