Mercari Review Is this a legal way to buy and or sell?

Online marketplaces have seen a boom in popularity over the past few years. Many platforms are available to buy and sell everything from vintage items and handmade crafts to electronics and clothing. Mercari is one of these platforms that has enjoyed a lot of popularity. But is it a trustworthy and legitimate platform to sell and buy? This Mercari review will take a closer look into the platform and answer some frequently asked questions

What is Mercari and how does it work?

Mercari allows users to sell and buy a wide variety of products online. The platform was originally launched in Japan in 2013, and it has since been expanded to the United States and the United Kingdom. Mercari aims at making selling and buying easy with a simple interface which allows users to quickly list and purchase items.

How does Mercari operate?

Mercari is very easy to use. A listing is created to allow you to sell an item. It includes photos and descriptions of the item as well as the price. Mercari receives a 10% commission when the item is sold. Buyers can search the listings on Mercari to find items they like and then purchase them using their PayPal account or credit card. The seller will ship the item directly to you, and Mercari will release payment once the buyer confirms receipt.

Is Mercari safe?

A safe and secure online marketplace is one of the most important concerns. Mercari takes a variety of measures to ensure that its users are safe.

  • Verification of the user’s identity: Before a user can sell or buy on Mercari they must first verify their identity. This is done by providing a phone and email address and linking their account with a Facebook and Google account.
  • Secure payment processing: Mercari uses Stripe as a payment processor. It is a trusted, secure and reliable payment processor.
  • Protection from fraud: Mercari offers protection to buyers against fraud. If they do not receive their item, or if the description of the item is incorrect, they will reimburse them.
  • Community guidelines: Mercari has a strict set of community guidelines that prohibit the selling or counterfeiting of illegal goods and other prohibited items. Users who do not follow these guidelines could be banned from the platform.

Pros and cons to using Mercari


  • Easy to use interface: Mercari’s user interface makes it simple to buy or sell items.
  • Mercari has a wide selection of products.
  • Affordable fees: Mercari charges a 10% sales commission, which is less than many other online marketplaces.


  • International shipping may not be available for Mercari.
  • Seller protection is limited: While Mercari protects buyers from fraud, it can be difficult to dispute a claim by sellers if they feel the buyer is dishonest.

Tips for buying and selling on Mercari

These are some helpful tips for anyone thinking of using Mercari to purchase or sell items.

  • Photographs are essential: If you’re selling an item, make sure to take detailed and clear photos.

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Buyers will have a better idea about what they are purchasing.

  • Avoid any disputes or returns by being truthful about the item’s state.
  • Communicate with buyers/sellers.
  • You must ship your items quickly.


Overall, Mercari offers a reliable and legitimate platform to buy and sell a variety of products. It offers a simple interface, reasonable fees, and strong safety precautions. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to organize their home or get a deal on something. For a successful transaction, it is important to follow best practices when selling or buying online. This includes taking good photos and communicating well with buyers/sellers.

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