Notti Osama Stabbed Video Learn More About the Video?

Many were shocked and saddened at the stabbing of Notti Obsama, a 14 year-old rapper. It occurred in New York City’s Bronx, at the beginning of October 10, 2022. The incident was widely covered on social media, resulting in widespread outrage as well as calls for justice. In this article, we will cover the details of the incident as well as the video footage. We’ll answer frequently asked questions and provide an overview of important information.

Notti Osama Stabbed Video

Notti Olsama was a fourteen-year-old rapper who was fatally attacked during a brawl on October 10, 2022. It took place in New York City’s Bronx subway station. The incident’s video was widely shared on social media platforms, causing outrage and shock. In this article, we will be discussing the incident as well as its aftermath.

Notti Osama Video Train

The incident took place in Bronx on a subway train. Eyewitnesses say that the brawl occurred between Notti Omaa, a group consisting of teenagers, as well as other people. We don’t know the exact reason for this fight.

Notti Osama Subway Video Footage

Reddit, Twitter and other social media platforms shared footage of the incident. The video shows Notti engaging in physical altercation with a group of teens. The video shows one teenager repeatedly stabbing Notti Obsama. This video is graphic and disturbing.

Notti Osama Getting Stabbed Video

Social media users have been sharing the video of Notti Obama getting stabbed since the incident. During the brawl, Notti Osama was repeatedly stabbed by one teenager. This graphic and disturbing video is available.

Notti Osama Death Scene Video

A video of Notti Obamasa being fatally knifed has also been shared on social media. The video shows Notti Ocassa lying on the floor bleeding profusely with other teenagers around him. This disturbing video contains graphic imagery.

Who Killed Notti obsama?

It is not clear who the attacker was. Police are still investigating but have not released any information about arrests.

The tragic stabbing death of Notti Obama, a 14 year-old rapper, shocked many people. The incident was shared widely on social media, sparking outrage as well as calls for justice. We pray that Notti Omasa, the murderer is, soon be brought to justice by police.

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