Is OneUI 5.1 draining your battery? Here’s how you can fix it

One UI 5.1 is the most recent version of Samsung’s Android skin. It promises a wide range of new features as well as improvements. As with all new software releases, there will be issues that must be addressed in the weeks and months after launch. One UI 5.1’s most urgent issue has been battery drain bugs.

One UI: Understanding Battery Drain Bugs

With new software releases, battery drain bugs are a common problem. One UI 5.1 does not make exception. These bugs can cause your battery to drain faster than usual, even if it’s not being used. Although the cause of these bugs may vary, they are usually related to problems with how the software manages system resources.

Common Symptoms for Battery Drain Bugs in One User Interface 5.1

You might experience battery drain after updating to OneUI 5.1. Here are some common symptoms. These are:

  • Battery life can drop significantly even when the device is not in use
  • Your device heats up faster than normal, even though it isn’t being used.
  • Charge time for your device is longer than usual
  • Apps that take longer to load or run slower than usual may be a sign of slow performance

Tips for Solving Battery Drain Bugs in One User Interface 5.1

You can resolve battery drain bugs using One UI 5.1 by following these tips and tricks. These include:

  1. Restart Your Device. Sometimes, a simple restart is enough to get rid of any software bugs that could be causing your battery drain problems.
  2. Check battery usage: The Battery settings will show you which apps are using the largest amount of battery. Force-stopping apps that are using a large amount of battery is an option.
  3. Disable Unused features: One UI 5.1 has a number of new features that you might not use. This can save your battery life.
  4. Clear the Cache: Clearing out temporary files can help to eliminate battery drain problems.
  5. Factory Reset – If none of these tips work, you might need a factory restart to get rid of any persistent software bugs.


One UI 5.1 has battery drain bugs, which is a very common problem in new software releases. You can resolve battery drain issues on your device by following these tips and tricks after installing One UI 5.1. These tips will help you conserve battery life on your device and make sure you get the most of it.

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