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Picuki – is likely a familiar name to Instagram users. Picuki is a popular Instagram app with a variety of features that can improve your Instagram experience. But many users are unsure about its safety or how to use it effectively. We’ll be covering everything Picuki from its history to how it can help you use it as a pro. So, let’s get started!

What is Picuki on Instagram?

Picuki is an Instagram app that offers many tools and features to users. It lets you search and browse Instagram accounts, as well as hashtags and posts. You also get detailed analytics and insight into your Instagram account. Picuki allows users to view Instagram accounts anonymously and download Instagram photos.

Picuki safe for Instagram users?

Picuki safety is one of the top concerns for Instagram users. Picuki’s features are not necessarily harmful. However, they may be in violation of Instagram’s terms and conditions. Picuki may cause your account to be suspended or banned if you download other users’ videos and photos without their consent. Picuki’s other features such as browsing and searching hashtags and users is completely safe.

Browsing, Searching for Users and Hashtags

Picuki has one of the most important features: it allows users to search for hashtags and Instagram accounts. You can search for the username or hashtag that you are looking for by simply entering it in the search box at the top Picuki homepage. There you can interact with other users, posts and hashtags that are related to your search.

Anonymous Viewing of Instagram Profiles

Picuki also allows users to anonymously view Instagram profiles. You can use this feature by entering the username for the profile you want in the search bar at top of Picuki’s homepage. You can then browse the profile of the user and view their posts, without them being aware.

Downloading Instagram Photos & Videos

Instagram prohibits you from downloading Instagram videos and photos without their permission. Picuki provides a simple and straightforward way to download other users’ posts. Click on the link below the photo or video you wish to save, then navigate to the post to be downloaded.


Picuki is an Instagram tool that offers many features that can improve your Instagram experience. Picuki’s features may be in violation of Instagram’s terms and conditions. It is important to use Picuki responsibly. Picuki is safe and easy to use. You can search for and view users anonymously, download your posts, and browse and search for hashtags. Always prioritize safety and respecting other users when you use third-party Instagram apps.

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