What is Pokemon Day and how can you celebrate it? Things you should know

Pokemon Day is an annual celebration to commemorate the launch of the Pokemon games in Japan on February 27, 1996. It’s a day that is very special for Pokemon lovers all over the world and is celebrated with many events and activities.

When is Pokemon Day celebrated?

The anniversary of the introduction of the first Pokemon game in Japan is celebrated every February 27th. The 2021 Pokemon Day was Saturday, February 27th.

History of Pokemon Day

In 2016, the 20th anniversary celebration of Pokemon, Pokemon Day was established. The day featured a variety of events and activities including the release and announcement of new Pokemon games, a Pokemon-themed Google Maps update and special Pokemon merchandise.

The Pokemon Day celebration has grown to be an annual event with new activities and events being announced every year. Pokemon Day 2021 was marked with the release and announcement of new Pokemon games, special events within the Pokemon Go mobile app, and the announcements of upcoming Pokemon products.

How is Pokemon Day celebrated in Japan?

Pokemon Day is celebrated worldwide in many different ways. Here are some popular activities:

  • Pokemon Day is celebrated by Pokemon Go fans who play their favorite Pokemon games such as Pokemon Red and Blue and Pokemon Sword and Shield.
  • Events: Many cities host Pokemon Day-themed events. These events usually include activities such as cosplay contests or Pokemon tournaments. They also offer meet-and greets with voice actors from Pokemon anime.
  • Collecting merchandise. Pokemon fans celebrate Pokemon Day by collecting limited-edition plush toys and trading cards.
  • Pokemon Day: Pokemon Day is celebrated by fans of the anime. They often re-watch their favorite episodes and catch up on the latest ones.


Pokemon Day, an annual celebration commemorating the launch of the original Pokemon games in Japan, is concluded. It’s celebrated every February 27th each year and is a very special day for Pokemon enthusiasts around the world. It is marked with a variety of activities, including attending events, playing Pokemon games and collecting merchandise.

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