Spotify Duo: What’s it all about? How Spotify Duo Works Complete Information

Spotify Duo, a subscription plan that Spotify offers that allows two people who live at the same address to share one plan, is called Spotify Duo. Each person has their own account. This allows them to create and listen to their music, playlists, and receive personalized recommendations.

How does Spotify Duo function?

Spotify Duo is only available to those who live at the same address as Spotify. They must also have their own Spotify accounts. The Duo plan is then owned by one person and invited the other to join. The payment information of the owner will be used for the purchase of the plan. Both individuals will then have access to the premium plan’s features, including unlimited skips, offline playback, and ad free listening.

Spotify Duo’s Benefits

Spotify Duo has the main advantage of allowing two people to use all the premium plans at the same time. This is a cheaper option than purchasing two Premium plans. It’s a great option if you and your roommate want to use Spotify together but don’t want to pay the full price for two plans.

Spotify Duo’s other benefit is that each account is unique. Each person can listen and receive recommendations without any interference from the other person. This is a great feature that people who have different music tastes or want to keep their music preferences confidential can use.

Spotify Duo has its drawbacks

Spotify Duo’s only disadvantage is that it is available in a few countries. This means not everyone might be able sign up. It is not suitable for people who live in different countries.


Spotify Duo is great for couples and roommates who share a music streaming service, but don’t want to pay for two separate plans. Each user gets their own account. They can listen to and play their music, as well receive personalized recommendations. Spotify Duo is definitely something to consider, even though it might not be available in every country.

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