The Dark Side of Surveillance: Kimberly Achas CCTV Footage Exposed

The article Kimberly Achas CCTV Footage details a tragic incident that occurred on 11th March 2023.

Know the Kimberly Achas story? Why is Kimberly Achas case trending online? Is there any footage that was actually leaked on social networks? As this case is from the Philippines recently surfaced, we think everyone would be interested in reading more details about Kimberly Achas Cctv Footage. This article will provide an in-depth analysis.

More Details on Viral Kemberly Achas Case

According to sources, Kemberly Achas, a young lady, was stabbed by Edson Campo on 11th March 2023. The CCTV footage and photos of the unfortunate incident were posted online sometime later. Although the video was taken down by authorities, many people witnessed the brutality of this attack. People are troubled by the clip and Kemberly Achas Photo.

More Information About the Attack

Kemberly, 22, a college student was attacked by Edson, her boyfriend with a chair made of broken glass and other items. Kemberly, a 22-year-old college student, wanted to feed her 9 month-old infant but Edson stopped him. Kemberly was struck with a chair, and Edson stabbed her repeatedly with sharp glass pieces. She succumbed to her injuries.

Sources suggest that Edson Jamisula (27-year-old) is addicted liquor and other drugs. Additionally, he is unemployed. He tried to flee the Bukidnon Provincial Police, but they were able to make an arrest. The incident took place at Edson and Kemberly’s home where they lived with their infant.

Kimberly Achas CCTV Footage , and Achas Family

The footage is not available on social media. Kemberly’s loved one were heartbroken by the inappropriate, brutal, and heartbreaking content. According to the provincial police department, the Achas Family has filed a criminal case against Edson. Kemberly’s family and more details are yet to be revealed. We encourage you to help the Achas Family in their time of need and to let their grief go.

The CCTV clips were used to investigate the case and the suspect is expected to be brought to trial. Justice will soon serve the case. The existence of the images and Achas Viral Vidal Video Cctv evidence is a relief.


The article gives a detailed analysis on the viral Kemberly Achas story. Kemberly, 22, was murdered by Edson (her 27-year-old live in partner). The domestic violence incident occurred in Don Carlos in the Philippines. The suspect has been arrested by police. The footage was removed. Get more information about domestic violence at.

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