The Ja Morant Scandal: Inside Look at the Arrest and its Aftermath

The following article contains information about Ja Moant Arrested. This also includes information on all accusations and their respective results.

Ja Morant was arrested Ja Morant will be arrested by police for hitting a minor. People in the United States, and other countries, are trying to obtain all information about the incident.

We can help you with that. We will be discussing Ja Morant Arrested news as well as the story behind it.

Did Ja Mornat Get Arrested?

Ja Moran’s arrest is just a rumor. But, he was recently accused in a hit on a 17-year old boy. Moran invited a high-school basketball player to his home. However, as Minor and Morant were attempting to exchange hard passes, Morant’s ball struck Morant in the face and Minor was punched.

What were Minor’s Accusations

According to the Minor, Ja Morant was accused of hitting him with a gun 11-13 times. This includes his friend who he hit him 4-5 times. He also claimed that Ja Morant appeared with his gun as he got up from the spot and went to his car.

Ja was wearing his pants with the gun, but he did not take it out. Minor stated that he had seen Ja Morant reach for the gun.

Was Police Arrest Ja Moant?

Ja Morant told the police that he had acted in self-defense when Minor threatened him to go back to his house and set it ablaze like a firework. Ja Morant’s statements were heard by police and he was not arrested or charged with this incident.

Was the Father a Minor?

Ja Morant was not his Father, but the mother who raised that Minor demanded $20,000,000 from him. Hensley Clarke reported that the Minor’s mother has a history in suing people. Most of these cases are dismissed.

Information about Ja Moant and his Sibling

  • Ja Morant plays professional basketball
  • Ja Mornat is Niya’s sister.
  • Jamie Morant, Tee Morant, and Jamie Morant are Ja Morant’s parents
  • Ja Morant has a net worth of $11 Million
  • He attended Crestwood High school, and Murray State College.
  • His Height Is 6ft 2 in

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