How to Protect Your Twitter Account With Two-Factor Authentication Free

Twitter announced recently that it will now charge users for SMS-based two factor authentication (2FA). Users who use SMS 2FA will have to now pay for it. This is a change that many users are not happy with.

Twitter believes that security should always be accessible to everyone. We have created this comprehensive guide that will show you how to protect your Twitter account with 2FA free of charge. We will be covering the various 2FA options and how to setup 2FA on your account in this guide.

Why Twitter needs two-factor authentication

Twitter is now an integral part our lives. It’s not surprising that it’s used frequently for sensitive communications. To prevent unauthorized access to your Twitter account, it is important to keep it secure. 2FA is an additional security layer that allows only authorized persons to access your account.

Types and types of Two-Factor Authentication

Two types of 2FA are available through Twitter: SMS-based or app-based. App-based 2FA generates code via your phone’s app, and SMS-based 2FA sends it to your registered phone number. SMS-based 2FA may be easier to access, but can be less secure that app-based 2.FA.

How to setup two-factor authentication for your Twitter account

These are the steps you need to follow in order to activate 2FA on your account.

  1. Log in to Twitter
  2. Click on your profile photo to go to your account settings
  3. Click on “Security Account Access”
  4. Click on “Setup” in the “Two factor authentication” section.
  5. Select your 2FA method of choice (SMS/app-based)
  6. Follow these steps to complete the set-up process

Tips to Secure Your Twitter Account

2FA can be a good way to protect your Twitter account, but there are more steps you can take. Here are some tips for keeping your account safe.

  • Use a strong password
  • Change your password regularly
  • Share your password with no one
  • Enable login verification
  • Beware of any suspicious messages or links
  • Stay current with security patches for your devices and apps


Twitter’s recent decision not to charge users for SMS-based 2FA has caused many users frustration. You still have free 2FA options to protect your Twitter account. You can easily set up 2FA on Twitter for free by following these steps.

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