Viral sensation alert: Three girls and their furry friend win over the internet

This 3 Kitten 1 Girl Video Twitter article will provide all the details about the viral video that features three girls with one kitten.

Do you love kittens and cats? Did you hear about the kitten-girl video? An extremely disturbing video showing three girls and a kitten has gone viral on Social Media, angering many. After seeing the video, people from Australia as well as the United Kingdom and the United States became angry and started searching for additional information. This post will cover the most important details regarding the 3 Girl 1 Kitten Video Twitter. We recommend that readers stay connected until the end.

Why viral videos are so hot?

The video of three young girls and one kitten went viral on social media. It is currently being searched by many. Then, how did the video become so popular? The video was uploaded by a young girl. It was Viral at Reddit. In it, three teenager girls throw a black kitten. The worst part about the video was the way the girls laughed and had fun while the kitten suffered. Many people started to post hateful comments on the post, angered by this video.

The Tiktok YouTube video was initially thought to be cute and people didn’t really care about it. However, the viewers realized the kitten was suffering. The Snapchat clip was shared by one of them. The girls were also reported to have been arrested for their offences according to a recent report.

Can the video be viewed on social media?

Many people had searched for the video online, and wanted to know more about it. The video has been removed from all social media platforms, including and Instagram. This video was considered offensive, and it also promoted animal abuse. Therefore, the video was deleted completely from social media. People are still discussing the video and spreading hatred towards it. According to some reports, people first liked the video, even though they didn’t realise that the kitten was being injured. But, after they saw more closely the people, they realized that they were actually assaulting the kitten. The video also went viral on Telegram. People began to search for the identity of this girl, which revealed that they were between 13 and 14 years old and belonged at Marriotts School. Because the girls were wearing the school uniform in video, it was easy to identify this.


We believe it is extremely sad to see people assault animals. Therefore, we urge you to take strict action against anyone who encourages cruelty towards animals. Please visit this to learn more about the viral video.

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