WhatsApp Takes Video Calls to the next Level with a New Picture-in-Picture feature

We are thrilled to reveal we have announced that WhatsApp for iOS is now available with an image-in-picture (PiP) feature that allows video calls. This feature is anticipated to transform the way users connect with families and friends via the platform.

With the latest PiP feature users are now able to continue the video chat even if they switch to a different app. This means they can multitask without worrying about having to end their call early. This feature is especially useful for those who wish to keep their phone on while replying to texts and checking email.

To access this function, you have to swipe up at the very bottom in order to open the iOS control center. From there, they will be able to press the PiP button to enable the feature. The video will appear as a small window that is able to be moved around on the screen. Users can adjust the size of windows by pinching, or zooming using two fingers.

Alongside In addition to PiP option, WhatsApp for iOS also offers a range of new functions that people will enjoy. This includes the capability to share their location live with their family and friends in addition to the possibility of sending and receiving animated stickers.

With these capabilities, WhatsApp for iOS is now more user-friendly and flexible like never before. We’re sure that users will love the additional functionality and ease of use the features offer.

In the end, WhatsApp for iOS has yet again proved itself as a leading communications platform, with the launch of the new Picture-in-Picture function. This feature lets users can enjoy video calls uninterrupted while they are multitasking using the iOS devices. The addition that allows real-time sharing of location as well as animated stickers make WhatsApp more enjoyable and exciting. We’re confident that the new functions will help make WhatsApp for iOS more popular and will help it outrank other websites in Google search results.

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