Xfinity Internet Parental Controls For Managed Services!

You can find nearly anything on the internet. This is great for many people, but it can also be dangerous for others. This includes children and teens who could be exposed to explicit or harmful content. It is difficult to eliminate the internet completely from your children’s life. Also, it can be very difficult to monitor and control what they are watching or doing.

These are exactly why parental controls exist. These parental controls allow parents to be confident that their children will not be exposed to harmful and age-restrictive content. This feature is available from some ISPs, which allows parents to restrict what their children see. Xfinity is one ISP that offers this feature along with their modems and xFi Gateways.

If you’re interested in buying an xFi Gateway, visit Xfinity Internet. You can then view the devices offered by and Xfinity. Let’s now take a look at parental controls.

Setting up parental controls for xFi Gateway

xFi gateways automatically reduce the chance of your children being exposed to harmful content. This is because they have an effective parental control feature. You can also turn off internet access on any device, pause or stop the connection at any time. This allows you to control internet and device time for your children. You can set an Active Time Limit to limit the time that your children spend on the network.

All of these things are possible, but how do you accomplish them? Let’s take an in-depth look.

  • Sign in to your Xfinity app with your Xfinity ID. Scroll down to the People tab to view all devices connected to your network. You can create a person, profile or access additional features for the person. You can view the active time limit, daily online time and status of the person if you have it configured.
    • You can create a profile, but there are two default groups that you can choose from when it comes to profiles: Guest and Household.
  • Once you have created a profile for a person, go to the Settings page. Next, select Parental Controls. To activate Parental Control, click on the “On” button. After activating parental control the Google SafeSearch/Youtube Restricted Mode will turn on and your Bing SafeSearch will change to Strict.

Setting up Parental Controls on Xfinity (Non xFi) Gateway

If your Xfinity Gateway is not xFi but you’ve purchased it or rented it, you can set parental controls online at the Gateway’s Admin Tool ( Next, read the following sections:

For Website Blocking

  • Log in using your Xfinity ID password.
  • Click on Parental Control, then Managed Sites. You can then block or allow access services and applications.
  • Click Enable or select the button, and then:
    • Click on Add for Blocked Sites to copy and paste URLs of the websites you wish to block. You can also set up a time frame for the blocking function.
    • Click on Add for Blocked Keywords to enter the keywords you wish to block from websites. You can also set up a time frame for the blocking function.
    • Select the Trusted Computers devices that you wish to make exceptions from the Parental Controls. These devices can browse the Internet without restrictions.

For Managed Services

  • Navigate to Parental Control, then Managed Services. You can control access to applications and services by going to Parental Control.
  • Click Enable or select the button, and then:
    • Click on Add for Blocked Services to define the ports that will be blocked by Parental Controls.
    • Select the trusted computers you wish to bypass security and parental control settings.

Managed Devices

  • Click on Parental Control, then Managed Devices.
  • Click Enable or select the button, and then:
    • Click on Add Allowed Devices to select the devices you wish to be exempted from Parental Controls settings.
    • You can also check for violations of Parental Controls.

To Shortly Paraphrase

We’ve discussed parental control and how to activate it with Xfinity Internet and xFi Gateway. We also discussed setting parental controls for Xfinity Gateways that are not necessarily xFi Gateways.

To learn more about the Xfinity plans or to purchase one of their popular xFi Gateways or to make a purchase, call Xfinity customer support at 844-207-8721. If you are unable to reach Xfinity by phone, live chat is another option. This is it for this blog.

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